The Crit Performance
Performance featuring handmade clothing and silent eye contact, 2022
Performed 1 March 2022 in the Glasgow School of Art Crit Space

Performed during the final group critique of her Masters studies, Boettcher sewed the clothing she needed to shed to her oversized blazer, walking to campus wearing the obviously out-of-the-ordinary outfit and participating in the crit without mentioning her attire. The penultimate work to be critiqued, Boettcher instructed her tutors and peers to critique her presence as they would any other work in the room. A silent crit*, Boettcher did not say a word as she attentively listened and felt everyone's varied words and energies. Finally shedding the extremely heavy coat to reveal a tulle dress cinched by a corset, Boettcher rose from the floor to move around the room as she pleased, often finding herself next to the person talking.

*silent crit (n.): a critique where the artist/creator of the (art)work being critiqued does not get to speak as those critiquing comment on their work. Sometimes the artist/creator of the work chimes in to comment, reflect, and/or ask questions in the final moments of the time allotted.

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