'Sorry, Mom. I'm airing my dirty laundry.'
Installation including works made from my old clothes, cotton yarn, acrylic paint, a poem, multimedia black & white film photography, & an oil painting that features my vibrator,  2020
Gallery walk-through at Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo in Hsinchu, Taiwan

individual elements below

'I never said that.'
Black & white film photography, acrylic paint, & cotton yarn
—photo series, 2019
Untitled strung up element
My old jacket, handmade net, & cotton yarn, 2020

'That's too sexy.'
My old clothes, scrap sleeves, buttons, knitting, & cotton yarn, 2020

'No midriff.'
My old clothes from a thrift store in Hsinchu, Taiwan & cotton yarn, 2019

'Stop.': If a look could kill
My old shirt from a thrift store in Tokyo & cotton yarn, 2019

'We wanted to protect you from yourself.'
My old dress, gift bag, knitting, & cotton yarn, 2020

'We did it for your protection.'
My old dress, knitting, & cotton yarn, 2019

'I never weighed that much at your age.'
My old clothes and scrunchie & cotton yarn, 2020

'You've changed.'
My old jacket from Berlin, acrylic paint, & cotton yarn, belted, 2019

Berlin Street Shoes
Shoes I found on the streets of Berlin, acrylic paint, & cotton yarn, 2020

'Emulate the Virgin Mary.'
Oil paint on canvas, cotton thread, & my vibrator, 2019

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