Neighbouring: Day 2: ニューNormal? New ノーマル?
Collaborative performance event by artists Mio Harada, Shoko Imai, and Megan Lucille Boettcher, 2021

As part of the online performance event Neighbouring through The Drouth (Day 2 of 4)
Performed 16 June 2021 for Glasgow International 2021 (2020)

One of the four days of Neighbouring (an online event through The Drouth as part of Glasgow International 2021 (2020)) Neighbouring: Day 2: ニューNormal? New ノーマル? was a live, collaborative performance by artists Mio Harada, Shoko Imai, and Megan Lucille Boettcher. Contemplating how society and our lives have and continue to change as the COVID pandemic unravel(s)(ed), the artists contemplate(d) a world adapting to a global pandemic (and its aftermath), one where we as a global community have gradually been positioned as passive spectators to a screen. A collaboration between the artists, their public and private spaces, and the different regulations in Glasgow and Tokyo, the artists used the virtual space to shake up the relationship between producers and consumers. Inviting the audience to liberate and reposition the originally fixed 2D consumption of media, the artists staged a 3D experience involving all the senses: two screens, two performances, live from Glasgow and Tokyo (performed privately from Boettcher's home and in front of a limited audience at the Tokyo University of the Arts, both performers virtually performing in the others' spaces). Multitasking, their attention divided, the audience themselves became live 'performers' from the spaces that had been society's predominant stage for over a year: one's personal space, one's home. Given its international dimensions, the performance took place via Zoom and included both English and Japanese, followed by a Q&A with the artists.
further details on THE DROUTH'S website
3 promotional photographs courtesy of Mio Harada
self-portraits by Megan Lucille Boettcher
select screenshots of opening video (video by Megan Lucille Boettcher)
translations courtesy of Mio Harada and Shoko Imai

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