Love Sheep Goat: The First Chapter, When You Recognised Me (original title)
Performance including wearable works, poetry, music, &  collaboration, approx 10 minutes, 2021
In collaboration with friend and artist Joy Baek
Performed 23 November, 2021 at Stereo in Glasgow as part of Tête-à-tête

A beautiful intersection of two distinct artist practices, cultures, and personal experiences, Baek and Boettcher celebrated their friendship by lending their unique perspectives and borrowing works from their own practices to collaboratively birth this performance. Responding to Boettcher's poem On -Love- and the various themes that ally their practices,  the two merged their practices to create something new for the surprise Tête-à-tête between The Royal College of Art and The Glasgow School of Art in two weeks' time. Baek writing a poem to further Boettcher's On -Love- and creating a mask, Boettcher creating a soundtrack to accompany their performance and sewing a dress, choreographing their movements and visual symbolism together, Love Sheep Goat evolved into far more than its first iteration at the Tête-à-tête. An ongoing performance series that continuously builds upon itself in a storybook/fairytale-like manner, the artists pursue their own practices until the time is yet again right to meld their creation once again and further their synergy that is Love Sheep Goat.

please contact Boettcher and/or Baek with your interest
documentation courtesy of Anna Winther

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