Performance, 2017
Performed 23 June 2017 at P103 Mischkonzern in Berlin, Germany

After burning the canon of her work a few months prior, Boettcher reflected on this freeing, transformative, and (at times necessary) archiving of her work that has become a personal tradition and ritual. Accompanied by a video work of the burning (first of three, TBC), Boettcher explored what it means to carry, shed, heal toward release, and transmute the weight and 'baggage' of one's past, employing symbolism that evokes aspects of her strict Catholic upbringing. Beginning on her back at the rear of the restaurant, Boettcher rose to weave through the bustling guests, bathing her body with ashes and water along her path. A slow timid crawl toward confidently standing at the entrance, Boettcher carried her ashes and building energy outside for a final dance on the pavement. Shedding the remaining ashes amidst passersby, she joyfully rolled in the mud before gathering herself in a grounding pausea definitive release before finally walking forward. Boettcher is still sorting how best to transmute the ashes she has gathered from each burning.

video directed and filmed by Marco Heyer
filmed and edited by Alex Maßhold
lighting by Peter Hofmann

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