Artist Statement

Reservoir = the Catalyst
deep, dark, too abundant

challenging Vulnerability


I can, therefore I will
no longer fearing ‘Loss’

the pain, the push,

exposing the ‘ugly’, the traumatic
histories, experiences

...that word again

In sifting, questioning, exposing?, wading through
dissecting, observing, analysing, reconfiguring?

the intimate places their residues reside

      ...the intimate places their residues reside...

EXPERIMENT: in use of personal experience
varying levels, degrees, exhibition, specificity

the match, igniting

...igniting what?

  - Aim to foster broader conversations
    personal, communal, societal transgressions

  - Enable(x:no) encourage the process, a journey of healing
    personal...communal?, societal?
  - Encourage discussion of shared experience
    my own as an example, the starting point...?

The desire for action:
from which healing and change
may emerge as potential outcomes

Have some humility for fuck’s sake

Fiction? Imagination? Truth?
edit, omit, redact
Years of forced silence...!

      Can Silence be a powerful weapon?

What/Who requires,
deserves my attention?

            Who/What deserves My Breath?


Megan Lucille Boettcher is an artist from the States currently pursuing her
Master of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art.
While her current projects mainly utilise performance, video,
photography, and installation, Boettcher works in a variety of media,
revolving around her desire to best communicate and discuss the difficult
subject matters at the centre of her practice.
Drawing from a reservoir of personal experiences as her catalyst,
Boettcher challenges her own vulnerability by exposing ‘ugly’
and traumatic histories and experiences and the intimate places
their residues reside. Through her work, Boettcher seeks to enable
a process of healing and encourage discussion of shared experience,
fostering broader conversations around personal, communal,
and societal transgressions while desiring action, from which
healing and change may emerge as potential outcomes.


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