A Re(ta)l(i)ation
Installation of short films (artist moving image), photographic prints, stuffed animals, a rocking horse, enlarged written works, a mirror, a sheep's skull, found objects, a bed, a dress, light, a lullaby, a chalkboard, & sound elements, 2015
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It takes its toll (Sometimes it's hard to keep it all in)
Light installation with a suspended figure made of found scrap metal, nuts & bolts, wire, a sheep's skull, & a worn dress, 2015

I saved them
Light installation with the severed eyes in a vase, 2015

Why can't I find you?
Still from short film (artist moving image), digital video, 33:17, 2015

Is it better this way?
Installation of eyeless stuffed animals (lullaby teddy bear included), 2015

Some children draw certain imagery that suggests signs of abuse (boxy bodies; large head; large hands; no hands; no eyes, mouth, or nose; bald head with long side hairs; etc.). I didn't, but I made these.
Photo series of scratched digital inkjet prints, 2015
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stands alone or as an installation

Of the Family
Installation of string, shadows, & an eyeless lamb, 2015

Conversations with the Inner Children
Installation of enlarged right and left-handed ink writings, caged light, & a mirror, 2015

I layered them
Photo series of digital inkjet prints, 2015
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The Body - The Blood
Still from short film (artist moving image), digital video, 14:00, 2015

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